About the go.eIDAS Association

The go.eIDAS-Association continues to promote the use of the eID systems and trust services addressed in the eIDAS-Regulation and the related technological developments and supports the creation of open standards as well as suitable framework conditions for the trustworthy digitization of business and administrative processes in Europe and beyond. In particular, appropriate awareness-raising activities are undertaken to address the benefits and opportunities of eIDAS, as for example by demonstrating the usefulness of eIDAS-based applications in selected areas, with particular attention to mobile environments and the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions. Furthermore, the creation, usage and maintenance of open standards and open source software as well as suitable measures to increase the security, interoperability and adoption of eIDAS-related components and solutions is an important goal of the now formally established go.eIDAS-Association.

go.eIDAS Membership

The go.eIDAS-Association welcomes all interested organizations and individuals who are committed to the goals of the initiative and want to contribute to the development of a prospering and sustainable eIDAS-Ecosystem or simply benefit from using eIDAS-related technologies and services. This especially includes application providers, eID-related stakeholders, trust service providers, conformity assessment bodies, other service providers, regulatory authorities and other public sector bodies, publicly funded projects and initiatives, academic institutions and standard development organizations as well as individual persons.

The filled Membership Application Form can be signed electronically, e.g. via the FutureTrust Signing and Sealing Service and should then be sent to membership ( -at- ) eID.AS.

Membership Application Form (pdf)

Categories and dues (pdf)

Statute go.eIDAS Association (pdf)